Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress Pattern

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This dress comes with a super-simple printable pdf pattern and full tutorial that can be completed in about two hours.

The waist sash defines your waist in a comfortable way that completely takes the guesswork out of sewing the perfect fit. You can also lengthen and shorten the hemline to create midi dresses, maxi dresses, and the mini dress pictured in this tutorial. That’s the joy in handmade clothes after all right? You get to add your own personality and hack the pattern to make it your own. 

As for materials, a lightweight polyester, cotton, or linen will work beautifully. 

Making this ruffle sleeve dress is the perfect way to get started dressmaking. The pattern is straightforward and the tutorial is simple to follow with less than 10 total steps! If you are not very experienced in sewing, this is a great place to start!